Monday, 5 March 2012

Beautiful Brooches

Beautiful Brooches
I love any thing shiny, if it twinkles in the sun, glistens in the moonlight or is just plain sparkly then it's got my attention I am indeed a Magpie and hoard the shiny shiny like a crazed woman!

I love old jewellery and at present I have a penchant for old brooches at present.
 I have been stalking eBay for a while now looking for the odd bargain and I have found a few.
But as with most things it was short lived and I moved on to the next thing, Fabric scraps and patches hence the patchwork !!
I have made a few pearl bracelets that I was going to attach these too but as yet haven't got round to doing this, work, home, child, husband, college and a whole load of other excuses that I have at the ready to use!
I got the idea from my pinterest board
Pinned Image

This is beautiful and not that hard to recreate.
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