Friday, 23 March 2012

free art

Free art alert!!
While searching the Internet for free printable colouring in sheets ( I will be putting these on later ) for my son Dylan I came across this terrific site.
It has some of the most fabulous art to print for free....FOR FREE!! People we all know how I feel about free stuff so decided to share with you.
Feed your soul web site I heart you!
As always people be wise and only use for no profitable personal use, if a friend wants a copy give em the web address and get them to print it themselves

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Free fun easter printable coluring in sheets and crafts

Free fun Easter printable crafts and colouring in sheets.
Here are some more free printable crafts and colouring in sheets the last post I did got so many hits I thought I'd treat you all to some of my favourite Easter pages.

Easter pop up card

These are from cannon, this web site is fabulous for all sorts of different paper craft and is all free so go on enjoy.

Easter egg mobile have a go great decoration for those eater egg hunts

A really cool bunny mask maybe one for the adults could be tricky and time consuming

Easter Printable: Going on an Egg Hunt

lovely colouring in pictures from the Disney site

Sweet Springtime Maze

Another little box for the children to make

cute white paper bunny

Well there you go have fun making these lovely Easter crafts let me know how you get on with them.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Tweet tweet

Right crafters I'm now on twitter and trying to get to grips with it
I feel like building my own craft empire may come at the cost of talking to my own family!!!
They will thank me when we are rolling in more tissue paper than you can shake a stick at!!! 

 Follow me at!/ZoeChappers

Welcome to spring

Welcome to spring

I just wanted to share my love of flora, spring and bringing it indoors to admire.
I love the crisp air and bright sunshine that spring brings and even more I love the vibrant colours of yellow and orange that so many flowers have at this time of year.

I don't know the name of this beautiful yellow flowering bush I have in the garden, no doubt to the utter disgust of my big sister Angela!!
I wanted some flowers or a plant to cheer up the bottom of my stair case. I feel annoyed at the prices and lack of interesting flowers so many super markets have at the moment, so I hit the back garden for some inspiration and found it in the form of pretty yellow flowers.

There is something quite special about yellow flowers for my family and I guess that I am drawn to this colour without even realising it.
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter felt chick finger puppets

Easter felt chick finger puppets

I wanted to do something cute for Easter and also Dylan has a thing for chicks and ducks at the moment, he's been poorly all day and I thought this might just cheer him did!

You will need Yellow and Orange felt
Two small circles of black felt
Yellow or Orange thread
And a bit of patience

I didn't use a template I just cut these out
you need a front and back body in Yellow
Two claw feet and two triangles for the beak

Sew the front and back together missing out the bottom of the chick. Sew the feet on.

I decided half way threw that I would add a tuft of hair, feathers whatever you want to call it!!
Sew on the two pieces of the beak then the eyes.
I knotted the thread so that the eyes had big pupils.

There you have it a super cute chick to brighten up the day of any child...or adult for that matter!!
As I always say, go on have a go, you know you want to!

Free Easter printable crafts

Free Easter printable crafts
Well just to get you all in the Easter mood here are a few printable colouring in sheets, masks and Easter craft ideas.
All free and for personal use only.

This is from Birds Party

Easter Coloring Pages 1
Lovely Easter eggs to colour

Printable Easter Egg Hunt
Printable Easter Word Puzzle Game

There are lots of different printable on this site.

This is a full size PDF bunny mask and it's really cool

There you go loads of ideas to start you off.
I'll be posting crafts that I have done and what Dylan has made so keep coming back!