Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Thank you!!

Just like to thank all of you who have made an effort to look at my blog.
Thank you if you have joined that makes me smile.
Don't be a stranger and keep coming back, I'm full of great crafty ideas !!
Thank you

Mothering Sunday

Mothers Day

Have just been reminded by a very good friend that it's Mothering Sunday very soon!!
 The 18th of March to be precise.
I will over the following days be putting on little ideas of cards and presents all home made of course so that you can make an extra special present for the one you call mum.

This is me and my muma along time ago, I used to make her all sort of probably quite rubbish stuff when I was a kid but I know she liked it.
Even as I got older I didn't just buy a pressie I would put my crafty mark on it.
If she was around today I'd be making something just as crafty for her.

free printable for children

Free animal printables

Animals in color for one of the teacher's visual aid for teaching creation - Creation pocket chart.

Printable illustrations to use with Creation Pocket Chart - visual aid for preschool Sunday school lessons.

I printed these off for Dylan as flash cards for learning animals. There are lots of other stuff on this site so go have a look and let me know what you made or did.

Ideas for paper flowers

Paper flowers of every shape and size

This is a site I came across and it has some great links to tutorials and ideas for all sorts of different paper flowers.

Have a look and check out some thing different and most important have a go and let me know!

Valentine tea light holder


This one couldn't be easier, I threw it together in under 3 minutes.
It is mine and my Husband anniversary on valentines day but for those of you with children it's darn near impossible to get out for a meal.
So we had a romantic meal for 3 instead.
to make it feel a little bit more romantic I made this.
You will need,
Old jam jar, Red tissue paper, Pink paper for the hearts and a piece of thin ribbon.
Glue outside of the jar role a length of tissue paper around, stick on the hearts and tie the ribbon round the top.
bish bash bosh there you have it a romantic tea light!

3D Heart Art

3D Heart Art
This is my take on a mondocherry heart art.
Really easy to make if not a little bit time consuming.
I like that the hearts can be cut free hand and there is no need to buy a punch for this. You do however need lots of different colours of paper because once you start doing this you will want to do more and more as its so effect and the results are outstanding

Its just a case of cutting lots of heart shape out of the different coloured paper and sticking one half down (the heart which are folded in half )
The whole flowers are made up of 8 half hearts.

It's up to you how you design it and in what shape.

You could cut out large hearts and make just a flower or as I have done use smaller ones and create a piece of art.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Picture frames

Paper picture frames

These are great as present or just as a way to put your own mark on a boring frame. I bought these wooden frames from a pound shop and then went to work on them.
I printed lots of different paper and raided my stash of pretty papers, I also used small white buttons and ribbon on the pink frame.
Basically glue and stick, not going to tell you how to suck eggs.
use paper, fabric, ribbon what ever you like.
Just one thing make sure you stick round the edge of the frame.
Have fun being creative!

Paper circle flowers

Paper circle flowers 

Start with 7 circles, 5 of one colour for the petals and 2 of a different colour for the middle and the back of the flower.

I used a circle punch that I had for these circles but they can be cut just as easily by hand.

The petals need to be folded so that the crease forms a V shape as above in the picture the outer edges of the circle should both meet folded

Fold all 5 then turn the petals over so you have the smooth unfolded side and stick one of the other colour circles to the back of them. you will need to arrange the petals so you know where to put them and space them out

The last thing to do is now stick the last circle to the front of the flower. With both the back and the front circles stuck on the flower is very rigid.
Know they can be used for whatever crafty things you have in mind, cards, pictures or use instead of a bow on a present.

Printable children's flash cards

Printable children's flash cards
free printable shape flash cards

I have long been a fan of this site and it's free printable, yes you heard me right FREE my favourite word at the moment.
It has some great different flash cards, printable games and colouring pages.
I'm going to be printing some of the 3D shape cards for Dylan as we have already cracked these shapes.
Thank you Mr printable.

paper bunny

This is a great link to a paper bunny box and it is ideal for Easter
Bunny Paper Craft Activity
There are two pages to this pdf that print off, I made this last year and it is really cute.
It is courtesy of family fun . com and there is lots of crafts, printable etc. to choose from on this site.

The pdf link to the printable bunny

cute paper birds

Cute paper birds

This printable bird is courtesy of
There are quite a few things that can be printed and made from here.
I made these in about 3 minutes really easy and quick, they lasted about 2 minutes once Dylan had hold of them! go on have a go.
This is the link to the page and there are different colours to choose from.
Flickr Bird Red

free printable paper

More free printable paper

Japanese paper for the Origami club.
Lots of paper to choose from and lots of origami tutorials to choose from.
they range from easy to hard.

free printable paper

   Activity village

Pink trees Valentines Day scrapbook paper


If you  don't know about Activity village where have you been hiding??
This  is a great web site for children and adults.
I use this a lot for ideas for the lunch time art club I do at school.
There are free down loadable colouring in pictures, scrap book papers, printable papers, craft ideas, puzzles and so on.
So what you waiting for click on the link and have a gander, you don't have to sign up to the web site but I have and get a regular email full of ideas. Also most of the papers are pass word protected but if you do sign up you will get this. 


cannon free paper crafts


This is a great site for downloading lots of pretty patterned papers, Chiyogami, Origami, 3D paper relief and much more.
It is the Cannon web site and is updated with seasonal goodies throughout the year.

Tabanenoshi-mon (red)

Matsu-mon (black)

Takarabune-mon (purple)

Hanging wooden heart decoration

Hanging heart decoration

My niece Lauren bought me a box full and I do mean a box full of all sort of different bits and bobs of craft stuff for Christmas . I have only used a few things out of it so far.
This however is one of the things that I have made, a wooden heart covered in pretty fabric.
Really easy as with most of the crafts I make, too impatient to wait.
Even if I do say so myself it looks pretty good!
All I used was a pre cut wooden heart courtesy of Laurens Christmas present, fabric, felt a small piece of ribbon and a little heart cut out of card stock which I wrote home sweet home on.

And that is pretty much it, see told you it was easy.

For those of you thinking well now I have to go out and buy the wooden heart which in these times of penny pinching and watching the purse strings is all good and well but an expense that can be done without. Well I can tell you that thick card from a fruit and veg box can be used and will be equally as good. Also if you don't have access to fabric, use pretty paper instead.
So go on have a go and let me know how you get on!

Pretty patchwork

Pretty patchwork for the forth coming arrival of my second baba.

When I was pregnant with Dylan I made a crochet blanket as I just wanted the baby to have something I made with my own fair hands.
As with the first born I'm doing the same with the second baby and have begun making a patch work blanket for my little son or daughter.

Material from eBay and from a stack that my big sister Angela gave me.
It had been along time since using a sewing machine to do patchwork so I got a little help from a  web page.  I knew the basic of what I was doing but just needed a little reminder of how on earth you start it off and what to sew when and all that jazz.

This is a link to part one of making a baby quilt.

New patch work material

New patch work material.
Well I just love material, I love it even more when you buy it from ebay and have to wait like a child waiting for Christmas for it to arrive.
Well today it did and I thought that I would share it with you all, so here goes

I'm not quite sure what this will be used for but for the moment I shall just look at it and smile.

These are going to make a patch work quilt for Dylan.

And as you can see he is quite impressed
with it all !!