Sunday, 1 December 2013

free Christmas colouring pictures

Free Christmas colouring picture from 

This site has well over 200 pictures that vary from simple to more intricate pictures.

Free Rudolf the paper reindeer

Paper reindeer Christmas decorations

These are so easy to make and they look absolutely beautiful.
This is the link to the reindeer template courtesy of

Christmas flowers

Christmas Kusadama flowers

I just wanted to show that making these gorgeous paper kusadama flower in traditional Christmas colours is another way to make some original Christmas decorations
Paper Christmas wreath

I just love a Christmas wreath, nothing says a tradition like a wreath.
But me being the crafty bitch i want to make a paper one and use some of the lovely chrismassy paper that i recently bought.

Cut out a card circle and lots of different left shapes

Stick the leaves down and over lap the leaves
until you have gone all the way around.

Add some ribbon and hang on an inside door.
It looks fabulous and christmassy!

diy Christmas presents

Handmade coaster

These are really easy to make and are just the ticket for putting your own mark on a gift for a loved one.
I love the idea of handmade gifts but have only made a few over he years.
You will need squares of wood, hard board or cork.
pretty paper of your choice
waterproof sealer,varnish.

Sand the edges of the square if using wood, i rounded off the corners to make them look more professional
cut you paper to the shape of the coater apply glue and smooth paper on from one side smoothing out any creases and air bubbles.
Leave to dry then apply the sealer or vanish and leave to dry thoroughly.

There you have it a fabulous handmade gift.

On the 1st day of Christmas...
Well here we are it's the first of December so lets kick off the festive season with a cheeky paper Christmas tree.
This is a lovely easy to follow tutorial courtesy of Krokotak