Monday, 5 March 2012

Moroccan tea glasses

Moroccan Tea glasses

This is my take on the very expensive Moroccan tea glasses.
I love the bright colours and vivid patterns on the glasses you can buy but can't quite believe just how much they are to buy.
But like any good crafty lady I don't see that as a set back but an opportunity to make it my self!
My husband likes to regularly take the mick out of me and says
'' Oh no don't buy it...I'll make it!! ''
Cheeky yes, but true.

I bought some cheap Turkish tea glasses from a Continental market, I already had some glass paints from another glass painting project but bought some more just so that I had some vibrant colours to hand.
I painted the inside of the glasses with two coats of the paint and made up my own design on the outer of the glass with the gold colour, then cooked in the oven to set the paints.
I, as always think they are very effective and look lovely on my kitchen shelf.
Have a go and let me know the out come.
They are also great as a home made gift.
happy crafting people !!

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