Thursday, 13 June 2013

Shabby chic Wooden candle sticks

Shabby chic
I have long since wanted to shabby chic something.
What luck finding two wooden turned candle sticks that my neighbour was throwing out.
First I sanded them.
Them did two coats of very matt green paint.
This is the paint colour that will show through when sanded.
I used Crown Bespoke. It is the colour I paint the accent wall in my kitchen and to keep cost down it was worth using up!
Just showing the difference two coats of paint can make.
Don't just do one coat.

Then cover with your top coat colour. I used B&Q Matt Ivory.
Again I had this to hand and yes two coats were needed.

Let the paint dry between coats and less is more!
When finished and dry take your sand paper and sand over the areas that would ordinarily get worn.

I am really proud of these and enjoyed the process.
Have a go and let me know how you get on!
Happy crafting.



Quick and easy Sea Shell Recycling.

She sell sea shells on the sea shore!

Well after my wonderful holiday I was left with a rather large amount of shells and stones, that I lovingly collected from Gibraltar point; much to the annoyance of my Husband!
What to do with my abundance of shells? I didn't want to go down the awful route of covering anything and everything with shells ( Sea shell wizard ) so taking a leaf out of my big Sisters book I arranged them around of house plants!

Easy, simple and effective