Saturday, 27 July 2013

Boys bedroom decoration ideas.

Dylan and Ollie's new room.
I have redecorated the walls and redone a mural on their wall using tester pots of lovely bright colours.  

A tin of blackboard paint I had left over from another project was ideal for the road.

The vehicles were from a piece of wall paper that I got for free from a hardware store, You can do it if know the rest!

I injected a bit of colour in to a set of old ikea draws by paint the fronts with the tester pots I used on the mural, pretty effective even if I do say so myself. The shelves are also a ikea special that we already had in the room.

The carpet is one of my favourite things in the room, fabulous colours.

These round shelves were a great find by my husband from work.
They were inners left over from some cable I think. I painted them with poster paint for Dylan's nursery. That was 4 years ago and they are still going strong.

Beautiful wooden toys in fabulous bright colours, so pleasing to the eye.


I have wanted to make a rainbow rain cloud ever since seeing them. I love the rainbow rain drops!

The recycled ikea curtain that I dyed with a left over pack I had again from another project.
The patches are something I bought from eBay a while ago, I was waiting for a good craft project to use them on. I think this was it. 


How to shabby chic

Shabby chic wooden chair.
After the candle sticks and the bedside table I decided my next project would be an old chair that was my mums.
After sanding down the chair I gave it 2 to 3 coats of white paint.

When the paint had dried I painted over with a mixture of  white paint and burnt umber to give it an extra dimension, it took the edge off the stark white of the paint and gave it that old kinda look.

I sanded the edges and anywhere that would get naturally worn.

Finished off with a new seat pad and bargain basket fabric that cost me £2.50.


Friday, 26 July 2013

pipe cleaner jewellery

Pipe cleaner bracelet.
Another easy one for the kids to try.
Have a go and see what amazing unique pieces they design!


Pipe cleaner ring

Easy peasey pipe cleaner flower ring.
Great quick and easy craft for children. Not even going to bore you with instructions as it's that easy.
Check out the photos.


Paper vase form junk

Cheeky crisp tube vase

While Dylan was doing junk modelling I spied a crisp tube.
Well I just can't help myself, I had to craft and this one couldn't be any easier.
take a look at my fabulous junk vase!

Recycle junk modelling craft for kids

Junk? or mater piece waiting to be made?
Don't ever say you don't have the stuff to do a craft.
You don't need expensive things.
Scraps of paper, News paper, old packaging, Paper, plastic or card, Toilet rolls, sponges, old flower pots whatever you have you can use.
Junk modelling is one of the crafts kids go crazy for because its a free for all, make what you like craft.
And with that in mind that's what me and Dylan did today.

He made a rubbish truck and rubbish factory that he has been playing with all day!

Have a go let their imagination go wild, sit back, but out and let them get creative, inside or outside this is a craft for all weather.

Elmer the Elephant

Elmer the Elephant plastic milk jug craft
I have seen these on a few blogs,
 and wanted to make some with Dylan and what better time to do it than in the summer holidays!
Really easy (as with everything that I make) and fun to do.
You will need,
Plastic milk jug any size,
Different coloured tissue paper, a lot easier to stick to the jug than paper,
Card for ears,
Googly eyes,
Sticky tape
and loads of Pva glue.
Cut out shape of elephant,
 cover hole in top of milk jug with sticky tape,
cover with pva glue, stick on squares of tissue paper,
cover the card ears and stick on,
leave to dry and there you have it a pretty good Elmer the elephant.
For a different look use other colours like the Red, Purple and Pink one I made!

Paper windmills

Paper windmills
As promised the pictures of the Paper windmills.