Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coffee stirrer picture frame.

This is a great pretty much free and easy picture frame to make and is another great idea for Mother's Day.
You will need to get your hands on the wooden stirrers that you can get from countless coffee shops or fast food restaurants.
Now can I be clear I am not asking you to go and wipe them out of these but I'm sure 8 won't hurt as long as you don't all go to the same place!

Put two of the stirrers together and glue a piece of card to the back to secure them, make sure you can't see the card from the front. Do the same to the other 3 pairs.

Once you have stuck them together arrange them how far apart etc. you want them to be and them glue all four parts together.

When that is done cut a piece of card that will fit over the back of the stirrers but again isn't visible from the front and glue down REMEMBER to leave one side without glue as this is where your photo will slot in.

Now you can decorate how you like, below are just a few ideas for Mother's day.
This is also good for Father's Day, birthday gifts and anything else for that matter.
Right go wild and design crazy!!


It's a boy!


Mother's Day.

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