Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Safety pin bracelet

A good gift for Mum on Mother's Day.
Fiddly and takes a bit of time and patience but the end result is a piece of jewellery that is individual and made from the heart.

You will need lots of safety pins about 70/80 will do but the amount depends on the size of the wrist it is to go around.
Lots of small glass beads colour of your choice.
I happen to like the look of a bracelet with different shades of the same colour. but all different colours looks really cool.

Thread the beads on to the pin, leave a space at the top so the pin can be closed. Then nip the fastening end of the pin to stop it coming undone.
When you have enough to make the bracelet get two pieces of  cotton covered elastic, knot the ends and start threading the pins on.

A note on this stage you need to thread the pins so that they alternate the way they go on top to bottom.

Tie the ends of the elastic together and there you have it your very own safety pin bracelet!! have a go and you'll just love the results.

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