Saturday, 1 December 2012

childrens hand made potato print christmas cards

Potato print Christmas cards
Well as any self respecting crafter will know it is pure sacrilege
to go and buy Christmas cards so of course getting the children involved to make their own is just a no brainer.
 First job is for the adult to cut out a some Christmas shapes on the potatoes. For my star i used a star cookie cutter.
                                I also did a Christmas tree a bauble and a snow man!
Keep it simple with a 3 or 4 Christmas colours
 Dylan getting to grips with the potato and paint

The end result, a fabulous collection of children's handmade cards.
Go on have a go !!

Free Father Christmas colouring in picture

Father Christmas is coming...
Well in the form of a colouring in picture.
Printable Christmas Reindeer Coloring Pages!
courtesy of Raising our kids
This is the first of my 24 days until Christmas crafts and what better way to kick start crafting than with the big man himself!
I love this printable of Father Christmas it's so lovely, it feels like the real thing. I hope you think so too and enjoy either colouring in or painting this great picture.

Me and my son Dylan have used cotton wool balls for the beard, and hat to make it extra Christmasy and give it more of a crafty bitch feel.
Click the link below to take you straight to the web page and print.