Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter felt chick finger puppets

Easter felt chick finger puppets

I wanted to do something cute for Easter and also Dylan has a thing for chicks and ducks at the moment, he's been poorly all day and I thought this might just cheer him did!

You will need Yellow and Orange felt
Two small circles of black felt
Yellow or Orange thread
And a bit of patience

I didn't use a template I just cut these out
you need a front and back body in Yellow
Two claw feet and two triangles for the beak

Sew the front and back together missing out the bottom of the chick. Sew the feet on.

I decided half way threw that I would add a tuft of hair, feathers whatever you want to call it!!
Sew on the two pieces of the beak then the eyes.
I knotted the thread so that the eyes had big pupils.

There you have it a super cute chick to brighten up the day of any child...or adult for that matter!!
As I always say, go on have a go, you know you want to!

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