Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ideas for flower cards

Another day, Another flower
So this week I'm obsessed with ready made paper flowers

Pretty aren't they!

I've made lots of cards and tags from these.
Really simple yet very effective.
Take a look.

Cute tags and card ideas.

Love autumnal colours and this works so well. 

Any occasion cards.

I went for a different style card, I like it!

These are one of my favourites

Gotta love the Gingham!

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my cards as much as I love making them!








Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Five pretty flower crafts.

Pretty flowers

I bought these and just had to make something with them. So I did and then something else and something else, I just couldn't stop!

Pretty flowers.

A little inspiration from Mondocherry.

My next project.

Orla Kiely Wallpaper.

Wall paper squares and flower combination.

More wallpaper and flowers!


An idea for a card.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My take on Mondocherry button pictures

Pretty button pictures
I have an abundance of pretty buttons (another of my passions!) Which for a while not known what to do with. After all something so pretty need to be used for a worth while craft. I know, I know I sound a big like Golum, '' My precious'' Buttons!!
Then while on Pinterest I came across a lot of the Mondocherry  pins which show their button art, and I though ''Why not?'' so here you have it.
I used 4 button and three different pieces of coloured/patterned card/paper.
The colours of the paper matched the flowers on the buttons.
The only thing I would do differently is not space the 4 squares so far a part.

Have a go and create something beautiful!


Monday, 27 May 2013

How to make a bug hotel.

Bug hotel? Don't mind if I do!
Wanting something to do this week?
Children chomping at the bit to do something?
Well I have the answer,
 A Bug hotel!
This can be the end to a great day of foraging in the park for twigs, leaves, bark, stones and what ever else those little mini beasts call home.
We used an old plastic plant pot turned on its side as the hotel.
Fill it with all your finds, we all so used an old egg carton and a cling film tube cut in 3 pieces. This helps to make little cracks and crevices for the mini beast to hide in.
Dylan asked me to make a sign to welcome the bugs ha ha; well you've got to haven't you!
There you have it a fun way to spend the afternoon, getting dirty, messy and best of all having fun!
Don't forget to keep checking what you have in there it's fun and teachers the children all about the wild life in your garden.

Cute Cards

Cute cards
I printed an elephant template, cut out an ear, an eye and a heart and there you have it a pretty an occasion card.

Pretty Cherries, same thing copied a cherry template and stuck on to a piece of pretty hand made paper then on to a card. I finished with a piece of raffia ribbon.
Save this picture to you photos and print.

Heart,heart and more wooden hearts!

Wooden hanging hearts
These are made with pre cut wooden hearts but thick card board would work just as well, I covered them with patterned tissue paper and threaded them up with green raffia  ribbon.
 Quick and easy to make. 
What you will need

The covered hearts

Tie the raffia through the hearts

Have a go!

free wall paper samples and Wall paper craft ideas

Wall paper Mosaic Art.
While being on maternity leave and unable to find the time to craft I have been spending my few spare minutes to myself by lusting after other peoples craft ideas. Just waiting until it was again my time to be able to do CRAFT!
Free wall paper samples are just one thing that I found I could order in seconds with the intent to craft with later.
Here are a few links to some sites so that you can order your own
You can (as I'm sure I have said before) go to your local DIY store and pick up some free samples of wallpaper as long as you tell the staff before you leave, You can do it if know the rest!

These are really simple but a little time consuming, well the measuring and cutting out of the squares is but once that is done your away.
Use colours that complement each other or the colour that will work with the room you will put them in.
Have a go, get crafty and Happy crafting!

Beautiful paper butterflies

Beautiful Paper Butterflies.

This is my take on the beautiful Mondocherry butterflies that I see so much of on Pinterest.

I have been lusting over their wonderful array of paper crafts since having my second child and this week I have finally stole some time for my craft and made one.

Start with two butterfly templates of different sizes.
100's can be found to print off  on google.

Cut out 9 of each and stick one on top of the other like so.

This is what you will end up with. They can be used as any number of crafts at this stage, card toppers, Stick on a plain frame to make it more interesting, I'm sure you get the idea!

Mark the paper on which you are going to stick the butterflies, space them out equally and be accurate use a ruler! 

Once you have stuck them down you will have your very own pretty as can be butterfly art piece.


Be warned these are addictive so you will end up making lots! They are great for presents so all is not lost!
Happy crafting!!