Friday, 8 June 2012

Free printable Father's Day colouring in pictures

Free printable Father's Day colouring in pictures.

thanks  Todd and Erin

Thanks colouring pictures for kids.

free fathers day certificates

Free Fathers Day Certificates

These are great and I've used them before in school, the kids  love the idea of giving dad a certificate to let them know they are the best.
These are really nice rolled up with a silky red ribbon to tie them.
The link to the web site is

Thank you
Pastiche Family Portal - Free Printables, Free Crafts, Free Clip Art, Free Coloring, Free Recipes
They have best Dad, Uncle, Step Dad, Grandfather and Father to choose from. I shall be using these for Dylan to daddy!!
When you go on the site click on the certificate you want it will bring it up in another window and print.

World's Best Dad Award, printable certificate

step dad father's day award certificate - free printable award

Father's Day award certificate, free printable

world's best grandfather certificate - father's day or any day

best uncle father's day certificate free print award

Fathers Day bunting

Fathers Day bunting

I thought it would be nice to make some bunting and usually it's used for the mums but I thought ''Bunting for dad's why not?''
So this is what I came up with.

I used Small squares of paper in three different colours although you can use any paper or card and whatever colours you want or pattern.
I did think football team colours would be good, or black and white check if they like formula one racing, you get the idea.
Ribbon and some tiny pegs.
If you don't have the pegs use staples, glue or sew them on if you feeling adventurous. 

Cut the paper in to triangle shapes.
I used 10 triangles and wrote Fathers Day on them.
Then I pegged them to the ribbon.

So easy and looks so good!!

Easy post-it note Father's day card.

Father's Day post-it note shirt card.

You will need two post-its in different colours
scissors and glue.

Make two cuts either side of the post-it note about a 1/4 of the way down the square and the cuts a 1/4 of the way in. 

Fold the flaps over to make the collar of the shirt.

On the other coloured post-it fold in half and draw half a tie, cut it out.

you should now have a tie and a shirt.

Then glue the tie under the collar.
There you have it a really easy and really quick shirt that you can stick on a card for dad.

Fun father day photo card ideas

Fun father's day photo cards

I really like the idea of making these sorts of cards personal and i don't think they get  any better than a photo card so here is my idea.

I down loaded the moustache from

Children's Fathers day card ideas

Children's Fathers day card ideas

I designed these with young children in mind as they are fun, fast and very easy to make.

All I used was,
three different colours of small square note paper to make the mouth, nose and eyes. As you can see I didn't really use much artistic style while making them.
A white sheet of A4 card cut in half then folded in half to make the card and some pipe cleaners in various colours to make the glasses, hair and a mouth.

You can make whatever you like and do whatever style of face you like, the more silly the better.
when you have cut out all the paper bits of the face and made the pipe cleaners in to shapes, have a play around and see what you can come up with.

Fathers day card ideas

Fathers Day card ideas

Right these are just a few ideas that I came up with and they are as always quick, easy and for children.

The paper ties, easy and can decorate with whatever takes you fancy.

A tie and two triangles will easily make a shirt.

I got this moustache from here  thank you to  paper coterie.
They have three pages of printable glasses, beards and moustaches and they are fab!!

Free printable fathers day cards

Free printable Father's Day cards

Yes it is that time of year again when we pay thank you to all those wonderful dads, daddies, poppa's
and daadios!!
Sunday 17th June is the big day, I will be posting ideas for Father's Day so keep coming back to check out what's new!!

These great cards are from tiny me.
Found this link on Pinterest there are a few cards to choose from and personalise.
I like this one the best!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

help craig with his liver transplant.

This is Craig he is a Sheffield lad that needs a liver transplant.
can you help?
please visit the YOU TUBE link and forward it to all your friends and family, share it on face book, Tweet it do what you need to do, and last but by no means least sigh up to be a donor.
Craig is 30 and has a little girl who I'm sure wants her daddy to get better.
Please help and do what you can.