Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas flower ideas

Festive Christmas flowers
I wanted a little Christmas colour and i just happen to have these fab green bottles that i have been dying to use.
They have lovely chubby Buddhas on them.
There is nothing i love more than a little red and green at Christmas and this is always the colour scheme of my Christmas tree with a little gold thrown in for good measure!
This may not be my usual paper craft but it's really simple and sometimes a bit of inspiration is just what you need to create your own arrangement.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Free Christmas tree and bauble card ideas

 Christmas trees and baubles cards

Two in one cards, easy and effective
Have a go!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Free christmas hand print wreath ideas

Christmas wreath...
with a difference!
Right another easy peasy one for you today and this one is all about getting the children involved.
I used three different coloured cards in festive colours and the use of Dylan's hand to draw around.
I did around 12 hands and stuck them together by over lapping them.
 When it was finished i squeezed some Pva glue over the top and got Dylan to sprinkle on some little glass beads, but you can use glitter or glitter pens.
And there you have it a wonderful quick and easy hand print wreath!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Free ideas for holly christmas card

Holly Christmas card
These are a nice and easy card for you to try.
I googled a free template for a holly leaf and used some papaer that i have been saving for such an occasion. The berries are made from one piece of red metallic pipe cleaner cut in half then twisted in to flat round berry shapes and glued on.
See told you it was an easy one!!
Go on now it's your turn.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Paper Father Christmas

Father Christmas as you've never seen him before!
Well maybe.

These are so easy and remind me of some Paper angels that we used to have when i was a little girl.

You will need white paper for the beard peach or pink for the face and red for the body.
You need to draw a circle on the red card then cut in half as above, i used a side plate and this was an ideal size.
Twist the card into a cone shape and glue.

Cut out a small half face shape and a white beard and stick these on the front of the cone.

                     Then draw on some eyes. I didn't draw the mouth as the beard covers it. Then cut out a small circle of white paper for a pompom on the hat. You could also use a white pompom.
Then your done and you have a fabulous little father Christmas.
Try using different different colours like green or to suit your own Christmas colour scheme.


Monday, 3 December 2012

free Paint chip christmas cards

Christmas cards with paint chip Christmas trees
As i am now a mum of two boys i don't have as much time to be crafty as i used too. So with that in mind i though up these quick,cheap and easy paint chip cards.
They are really straight forward and really effective.
Get your self down to your local diy store and grab your self some free paint chip cards or catalogues and get cutting and gluing, It's that easy.