Saturday, 17 March 2012

Free Mother's Day printables

Mother's Day cards

Still not got a Mother's Day card? Shame on you!! Well lucky for you I have been searching for free printable and makeable card ideas for you all.
Here are some links and pictures.

There is a great selection on this site, all free.

This is one for the kids to colour in

Mother's Day Card

 Printable Mother's Day book marks for the kids to colour in. 

Mom coloring bookmarks 

 This site About. com has loads of free printables.

 Mothers Day Coloring Pages

 Mothers Day Coloring Pages

Mothers Day Coloring Pages 

Well there you go no excuses for not being crafty and making the lovely lady that you call mum a great gift or card!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Life sucks

Lolly pop gifts

I made these gifts for two friends of mine. I think they are a really clever take on words and anything that involves lolly pops is always a winner with me.

The tag on the above gift says LIFE SUCKS! and your the best sucker i know.

This is something I saw a while ago and although three of my friends have been 30 I have only just got round to making this one.
30 SUCK!  Great for a 30th birthday and not what they will be expecting!

pillow boxes

Pillow gift box.
 These are really nice and easy to make and they look so pretty.
They can be used for so many things and are great for decorating.

I used this for a present and used pink paper, ribbon and pink buttery fly embellishment, you could use any colour scheme black and gold looks very chic and using bright red, blue, green and yellow has a fun rainbow effect that can be used for children. 

Here are the links and there are plenty more to choose from on this site
Thank you Home made gifts made easy!!!

This is for a large A4 pillow box template

This is for two smaller templates

paint chip flowers for mother's day

Paint chip flowers

Like any crafter when I see something for free I must have it, so when on a trip to buy some paint I came across these paint chips and thought they may come in handy.

They did and in the form of a paper flower that the kids can make.

I used a circle punch because I have one but you can just cut of circles if you don't have one.

Arrange the circles so that they resemble a flower.

I then cut out a stem from green paper and added the flowers to the top.

There you go great idea for mother's Day!

Tissue paper fun

Tissue paper pictures

Right this isn't really me telling you how to make tissue paper pictures, this is me showing you what fun you can have with bits of tissue paper, glue, paper and a few paper shapes.

I think sometimes as parents we forget that fun things don't have to be totally structured or cost a fortune just simple materials, a bit of time (and patience ) and letting the kids do there own thing can be so much fun.


Have a go and enjoy watching your kids crate something great!

paper crocodile

Paper Crocodile

Another nice easy one for the kids to do.
You will need green card or study green paper, scissors and something for the croc's eyes. We used, me and Dylan that is, tissue paper rolled in to a small ball.

This is the link to the printable template

 I folded the top of the green paper and placed my template over the top. Then drew around and cut it out.

When its cut out, lay flat and fold back the little V cuts then fold in half again.
Either draw on the eyes use tissue paper or goggle eyes and draw on a mouth.
There you have it a paper crocodile !!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

printable disguise kit

Go incognito!

Fun printable moustache disguise kit.
Just print and enjoy the fun of being incognito your friends will never know it's you!!

Picture 255

This is for personal use only so please visit this site and print off.

Printable book marks

Free Printable book marks from Mr Printables!

printable bookmarks

These are great and a really quick and easy craft for the kids.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

free easter tags

Easter tag madness!

These are free Easter printables from Babalisme
go to the blog for the free

There really cute so go mad!!
just a little word, these are for personal use only and not for reselling etc. so respect the craft and respect other peoples blogs.