Monday, 17 December 2012

Paper christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree ooh Christmas tree.

This is a quick rainy day craft for the kids it uses up all those sweet wrappers and turns them in to christmas tree baubles!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

3D foam Christmas

Foam Christmas tree
These pretty little decorations are a bit fiddly but are a nice home made touch to any crafters home
I used cookie cutters to draw round because that's what i had to hand and they were the size i wanted
These were cut out of packing foam(i have a lot to hand!)
Cover the shapes in pieces of tissue paper colour of your choice and use watered down PVA glue
A couple of layers of tissue paper make them look better, remember to leave to dry in between.

A voila Little Christmas decorations!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

3D Christmas Noel

Lovely 3D Noel lettering
OK this is not a quick craft but well worth the effort and once you have mastered the craft knife you can try this with all sorts of words not just Christmas words.
OK you will need Printed lettering of your choice I used Noel
A sharp craft knife
Foam packing in sheets about an inch thick, this is so the letters will stand up
some coloured or patterned paper

Stick the lettering on to the foam
when dry cut out each letter carefully!! Lets make sure we keep our fingers please. The craft knife needs to be really sharp so that you cut through the letters and not have to saw through them.
This is the sort of thing that you will have after the letters have been cut out.
Now draw around the letter on the backside of the paper you want to cover the letters, remember to put the letters face down on the paper and then draw around them, not like i did and wasted half my patterned paper!!!

There you have it have a go you'll be glad you did!


Friday, 14 December 2012

free christmas pipe cleaner decoration ideas

Christmas pipe cleaner decorations

This is so easy and very cheap. My pipe cleaners were left over from Easter and the sparkly ones i bought a bag of mixed colours for a £1.
These are a few ideas of things you can make but you can do what you want, let your creativity go mad!
Christmas tree on Christmas tree how lovely are your pipe cleaner branches.

Simple holly leaves and berry very easy to make.
These are so simple that they can be made while sitting down to a classic Christmas film or on a journey in the car!

I think these look so good and the results are quick so the kids can hang them on the tree straight away.
Have a go at these if nothing else this Christmas!



Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cotton wool Snowman

Mr Frosty the Snowman!
This is a really easy and fun snowman craft to do with children.
First start with a cut out of a snow man

What i did with Dylan was to glue all the snowman template and let Dylan go wild with the cotton wool balls.
Dylan in the zone!

Add black paper circles for eyes a mouth and the buttons, don't cut them perfectly after all they are meant to be coal shaped!

Finish off with a cut out of a hat and a scarf, our scarf is a fluffy pipe cleaner that we had from a set i bought ages ago, you could cut out a coloured piece of card or use some pieces of wool.

There you have it a faboulous Snowman!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Free christmas tree template

Grown up paper Christmas trees
This is the link to the template
Print out the template.
You need two trees to make one tree.
 In each one make a cut half way down the middle of each tree, in one from top to bottom and in the other from bottom to top.
Slot together.
There you have it pretty little Christmas trees.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas gift tag ideas

Xmas tree gift tags
These are so easy to knock together and they look so pretty.
This is will give your presents that crafty feel this Christmas for sure.

Really simple ready made tags that can be bought in packs from the Post office, some nice printed card for the tree and i used corrugated card for the truck.
Cut out, stick and your done!
Nice and easy, now you have a go.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Free Paper christmas tree ideas

Paper Christmas trees
This is a great craft to do with the kids. They can be left to do lots of sticking and create their very own individual Christmas tree.
you will need green paper cut in to a Christmas tree shape. In each tree cut a slit in one from the top to the middle and the other from the bottom of the tree to the middle. this will enable the tree to be slotted together later.
You will also need glitter pipe cleaners for the tinsel, pom poms and foam shapes or whatever you have to decorate the tree.
Dylan getting creative with the tree.

Once the tree has been decorated leave it to dry. When dry slot the two pieces together and wrap around the pipe cleaners as you would tinsel.
If you don't have the items listed above use something else,paint, glitter glue, wool, whatever you have to hand remember its about getting the kids involed.
Voila you have a fabulous Christmas tree!!
Go on have a go get the children involved.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ideas for free Christams decorations

Christmas wreath decorations
These little Christmas tree decorations are made from some jewellery wire,buttons,tiny pearl style beads,sequins,glass beads and tiny bows.

They are a little fiddly but look really pretty when done.
I won't go in to how to make them as they are pretty self explanatory.

Hand them on the tree, use them to decorate a Christmas card or hand them in a line together it's up to you.
 Have a go!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas flower ideas

Festive Christmas flowers
I wanted a little Christmas colour and i just happen to have these fab green bottles that i have been dying to use.
They have lovely chubby Buddhas on them.
There is nothing i love more than a little red and green at Christmas and this is always the colour scheme of my Christmas tree with a little gold thrown in for good measure!
This may not be my usual paper craft but it's really simple and sometimes a bit of inspiration is just what you need to create your own arrangement.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Free Christmas tree and bauble card ideas

 Christmas trees and baubles cards

Two in one cards, easy and effective
Have a go!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Free christmas hand print wreath ideas

Christmas wreath...
with a difference!
Right another easy peasy one for you today and this one is all about getting the children involved.
I used three different coloured cards in festive colours and the use of Dylan's hand to draw around.
I did around 12 hands and stuck them together by over lapping them.
 When it was finished i squeezed some Pva glue over the top and got Dylan to sprinkle on some little glass beads, but you can use glitter or glitter pens.
And there you have it a wonderful quick and easy hand print wreath!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Free ideas for holly christmas card

Holly Christmas card
These are a nice and easy card for you to try.
I googled a free template for a holly leaf and used some papaer that i have been saving for such an occasion. The berries are made from one piece of red metallic pipe cleaner cut in half then twisted in to flat round berry shapes and glued on.
See told you it was an easy one!!
Go on now it's your turn.