Monday, 27 May 2013

free wall paper samples and Wall paper craft ideas

Wall paper Mosaic Art.
While being on maternity leave and unable to find the time to craft I have been spending my few spare minutes to myself by lusting after other peoples craft ideas. Just waiting until it was again my time to be able to do CRAFT!
Free wall paper samples are just one thing that I found I could order in seconds with the intent to craft with later.
Here are a few links to some sites so that you can order your own
You can (as I'm sure I have said before) go to your local DIY store and pick up some free samples of wallpaper as long as you tell the staff before you leave, You can do it if know the rest!

These are really simple but a little time consuming, well the measuring and cutting out of the squares is but once that is done your away.
Use colours that complement each other or the colour that will work with the room you will put them in.
Have a go, get crafty and Happy crafting!

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