Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Scrap craft bracelet

Scrap craft bracelet.

Ever been looking through these craft blogs and thought,
well that's all well and good but it means I have to go out and buy all the stuff to make it!
Well this is a craft that I thought you may well just have these things already in the house and just not doing anything.
So you know the bits of ribbon you get in tops that your meant to hang them up with well this uses those and at the most 5 beads, and if I am not mistaken most ladies have a few of these hanging about and if not they have a bead necklace in a draw somewhere doing nothing and looking ugly!

Right now you have these two things lets go...
Cut the ribbons out of the top, not to close to the stitching as you don't want a hole in your top!
grab the beads and start threading.

Done that? Right well, your done!
Tie it to your wrist and away you go and wait for all the great comments you will get about your fabulous new item of jewellery!!!
Also in keeping with the season, Mother's day gift? Get the kids to make it it's as easy as 1 2 3 !

Wondered about the other piece of ribbon? Thinking oh well she's made one what about the other??
Well of course being the crafty bitch that I am I made two!!!

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