Thursday, 8 March 2012

Owl cards

Owl cards.
I saw these on Pinterest and thought they would make a lovely Mother's Day card have a look they are from
Tip junkie, This is the link to the Pdf download and tutorial

Pinned Image

Have a go.

Heart paper flowers

Heart paper flowers

My son looking not to impressed holding the said heart flowers.
I really like these they are sooo easy to make that even my 3 1/2 year old made them with a little help from mummy!

Cut out 3 hearts

Stick them together by gluing the points of the hearts

Just to prove that it wasn't me who did it all Dylan having a go

Ta daa!!!

Dylan with a bunch ready for Mother's Day.

Coffee stirrer picture frame.

This is a great pretty much free and easy picture frame to make and is another great idea for Mother's Day.
You will need to get your hands on the wooden stirrers that you can get from countless coffee shops or fast food restaurants.
Now can I be clear I am not asking you to go and wipe them out of these but I'm sure 8 won't hurt as long as you don't all go to the same place!

Put two of the stirrers together and glue a piece of card to the back to secure them, make sure you can't see the card from the front. Do the same to the other 3 pairs.

Once you have stuck them together arrange them how far apart etc. you want them to be and them glue all four parts together.

When that is done cut a piece of card that will fit over the back of the stirrers but again isn't visible from the front and glue down REMEMBER to leave one side without glue as this is where your photo will slot in.

Now you can decorate how you like, below are just a few ideas for Mother's day.
This is also good for Father's Day, birthday gifts and anything else for that matter.
Right go wild and design crazy!!


It's a boy!


Mother's Day.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Scrap craft bracelet

Scrap craft bracelet.

Ever been looking through these craft blogs and thought,
well that's all well and good but it means I have to go out and buy all the stuff to make it!
Well this is a craft that I thought you may well just have these things already in the house and just not doing anything.
So you know the bits of ribbon you get in tops that your meant to hang them up with well this uses those and at the most 5 beads, and if I am not mistaken most ladies have a few of these hanging about and if not they have a bead necklace in a draw somewhere doing nothing and looking ugly!

Right now you have these two things lets go...
Cut the ribbons out of the top, not to close to the stitching as you don't want a hole in your top!
grab the beads and start threading.

Done that? Right well, your done!
Tie it to your wrist and away you go and wait for all the great comments you will get about your fabulous new item of jewellery!!!
Also in keeping with the season, Mother's day gift? Get the kids to make it it's as easy as 1 2 3 !

Wondered about the other piece of ribbon? Thinking oh well she's made one what about the other??
Well of course being the crafty bitch that I am I made two!!!

Safety pin bracelet

A good gift for Mum on Mother's Day.
Fiddly and takes a bit of time and patience but the end result is a piece of jewellery that is individual and made from the heart.

You will need lots of safety pins about 70/80 will do but the amount depends on the size of the wrist it is to go around.
Lots of small glass beads colour of your choice.
I happen to like the look of a bracelet with different shades of the same colour. but all different colours looks really cool.

Thread the beads on to the pin, leave a space at the top so the pin can be closed. Then nip the fastening end of the pin to stop it coming undone.
When you have enough to make the bracelet get two pieces of  cotton covered elastic, knot the ends and start threading the pins on.

A note on this stage you need to thread the pins so that they alternate the way they go on top to bottom.

Tie the ends of the elastic together and there you have it your very own safety pin bracelet!! have a go and you'll just love the results.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Quick button bracelet

The quickest button bracelet ever!

Right this I made from the gifts my niece bought me at Christmas.
I wanted to do something so easy and fast no one can say they don't have time for craft!

So here goes...

You will need buttons, as many as will fit around your wrist, a pipe cleaner, long enough to go around your wrist and enough to twist at the end to fasten. 

 You also need about 3 to 4 minutes to thread the pipe cleaner through the holes in the buttons.

Hey presto done,
button bracelet in under 4 minutes. Go o have a go and see how fast you can do it, I challenge you!!

Fellow Bloggers

I would just like to give a mention to my friends Fiona and Holly who both have blogs and give you their blog links so you can take a look for yourself

Felt Flowers

Felt flowers

These are easy to make, look great, are fab as a gift, look ace pinned to a top, scarf, or even on a long beaded necklace and would make a wonderful homemade gift for mum on Mother's Day.

Lots of bright different coloured felt and a few button thrown in for good measure.

Pearls and glass beads look great as the centre of the flower as does a few stiches in embroidery thread.

You can do so many things and choose from so many colours that the combinations are endless.

I have here some of the templates that I used that were free to use

The template below is from

It is for personal use only as is all the free stuff that i post so please respect this.

Beautiful Brooches

Beautiful Brooches
I love any thing shiny, if it twinkles in the sun, glistens in the moonlight or is just plain sparkly then it's got my attention I am indeed a Magpie and hoard the shiny shiny like a crazed woman!

I love old jewellery and at present I have a penchant for old brooches at present.
 I have been stalking eBay for a while now looking for the odd bargain and I have found a few.
But as with most things it was short lived and I moved on to the next thing, Fabric scraps and patches hence the patchwork !!
I have made a few pearl bracelets that I was going to attach these too but as yet haven't got round to doing this, work, home, child, husband, college and a whole load of other excuses that I have at the ready to use!
I got the idea from my pinterest board
Pinned Image

This is beautiful and not that hard to recreate.
Visit my boards and while your there take a quick peek at what else I have on there!!

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day card idea.

This is one I have made in the art club at the school I work at and it is a good one for kids to decorate.

You start with an A4 piece of white card (or whatever colour you want) cut in half. Folded in half to make a card it must be landscape and the fold needs to be at the top of the card.

The cuts are made so that there is an amount of card left at the top to keep the piece of card together.
Have a go and see what you think!

Moroccan tea glasses

Moroccan Tea glasses

This is my take on the very expensive Moroccan tea glasses.
I love the bright colours and vivid patterns on the glasses you can buy but can't quite believe just how much they are to buy.
But like any good crafty lady I don't see that as a set back but an opportunity to make it my self!
My husband likes to regularly take the mick out of me and says
'' Oh no don't buy it...I'll make it!! ''
Cheeky yes, but true.

I bought some cheap Turkish tea glasses from a Continental market, I already had some glass paints from another glass painting project but bought some more just so that I had some vibrant colours to hand.
I painted the inside of the glasses with two coats of the paint and made up my own design on the outer of the glass with the gold colour, then cooked in the oven to set the paints.
I, as always think they are very effective and look lovely on my kitchen shelf.
Have a go and let me know the out come.
They are also great as a home made gift.
happy crafting people !!