Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easy Easter bottle vase and daffodils

Easy Easter bottle vase and daffodils

 This is possibly the easiest vase ever and it's a empty bottle of water so really it is!
I have pretty much tied two pieces of yellow and orange  ribbon around the neck of the bottle and cut 3 heads of beautiful mini daffodils from the front garden. In fairness I had to cut the daffs what with the shocking amount of rain, sleet and snow that hit us this morning. On my way out to pick up the blue bin I saw them looking all droopy and battered and couldn't bare to leave them there.

Easter eggs galore!

Easter eggs galore!

These were made by the fair hands of both Dylan my son and my little niece Ruby.
They really enjoyed painting and decorating the eggs.
I bought these in a pack of 6 and they only cost me £1....yes you heard me right a £1!!!

I like that the kids just went crazy on them and used glitter and ribbon to decorate them. These could also be done on real eggs but would have to be blown first.
I didn't use real ones as my son is only 3 1/2 and the egg shells are too fragile.
Have a go at your own and let me know how you get on.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Free Printable Easter cake toppers

Free Printable Easter cake toppers.

These are a great idea for topping some little Victoria sponge fairy cakes covered in pretty light yellow icing.

easter bunny topper 1

easter bunny topper 2

These are from issa sarzas creative living.

Enjoy people

Free printable colour Easter eggs

Free printable colour Easter eggs

easter egg hunt

I thought these would be good for the Easter egg hunt clue as well as the other printables I posted.
these are from Purple trail and are really cute.
As with the others right click save picture then print from your computer.
Enjoy your Easter egg hunts people I know I will with Dylan !!

Free Printable Easter tags.

Printable Easter tags.

I thought it was about time we had some Easter printables for the big kids. If like me you just love anything free then you will love these Easter tags from Paper Crave.
They are delightful and great for cutting out and using on Easter cards.

Printable Easter Gift Tags