Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Baby news and baby blankets

Well the next addition to my beautiful family will be another little boy...OVER THE MOON!!!
We couldn't be happier and Dylan is happy as Larry he's having a baby brother and not a sister. All the way up until the scan he was adamant that it was a little brother and no amount of easing him into the idea that it could be a girl( come on it was 50/50 after all) would change his mind. Well thankfully I don't have to go through the task of letting him down gently as he was right all along!

With the little one on the way I thought I would finish off a crochet blanket that I start ages ago and have that as his blanket, did one for Dylan when I was expecting him and can't very well have one without the other.

Lets hope I actually get this finished before he is born, wish me luck!!

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