Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bird house craft

Paper bird house.
You will need,
scissors, glue, ruler, wall paper samples or pretty paper
 and some card to make the template base.

The template size is pretty much each square 5cm x 5cm, 1cm for the glue tabs and 2cm height for the triangle on top of the squares ( hope that makes sense!)

Fold along the drawn lines and Cut a hole in one of the sides which will make the font of the bird house.

I then cut out wallpaper to the size of each side of the bird house and glue them on then glued together.

You then need to cut out a rectangle of card for the roof. If you make it 1 1/2cm longer and wider than dimensions of the squares, so this is 5cmx5cm so do the roof 13cm x 8cm.

I just cut out a simple bird shape and put a hole in it, then pop a hole in the bird house under the larger hole that you cut out earlier for the opening.
Role up a piece of card and put this through the bird and then in to the bird house.
Enjoy making I did!!

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