Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Paper Father Christmas

Father Christmas as you've never seen him before!
Well maybe.

These are so easy and remind me of some Paper angels that we used to have when i was a little girl.

You will need white paper for the beard peach or pink for the face and red for the body.
You need to draw a circle on the red card then cut in half as above, i used a side plate and this was an ideal size.
Twist the card into a cone shape and glue.

Cut out a small half face shape and a white beard and stick these on the front of the cone.

                     Then draw on some eyes. I didn't draw the mouth as the beard covers it. Then cut out a small circle of white paper for a pompom on the hat. You could also use a white pompom.
Then your done and you have a fabulous little father Christmas.
Try using different different colours like green or to suit your own Christmas colour scheme.


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