Friday, 24 February 2012

going crazy with the sewing machine

Handmade bag.

Well this is my first try at the sewing machine in rather along time, I think the girl done good. I really should have done a blow by blow picture account of making this but to be honest I just got on and did it and well here is the finished article.

I have a very old messenger bag that I drew around straight on to the fabric. Two layers of the outer fabric and two of the lining fabric.
I pin the material to keep it all together while I cut it all out.
Then basically I started sewing. This wasn't a hard bag to make as it was as simple as a back and front, with the back having a longer length that makes the flap that goes over to the front.

The button detail I added just because I have a jar full of them and needed to do something with them!
The detail on the front is from a stash of fabric scraps I have. I sewed them all together and finished off with ribbon.
I cut out a long length of fabric for the strap sewed down the length and turned inside out. I finished by sewing both side of the strap on the bag and voila there you have a messenger bag!! 

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