Friday, 29 July 2011

Home made crayons

Mummy and Dylan make crayons

Two days in to the 6 weeks holidays and I already have my craft hat on. Today is home made crayons, so easy to make and great because the kids can get involved.
Right here is how it's done-
The wax crayons need to be chopped in to small pieces. the size of your pieces will depend on the size of your moulds, I used chocolate moulds from a cheap high street shop which only sells things for a pound, so I chopped mine quite small. You can use doubled up bun cases or Yorkshire pudding tins the result will differ slightly and you will end up with cookie crayons but they will look cool!
When the moulds have been filled nearly to the top put them in the oven at gas mark 2-3 here is a site for oven temps.
and again depending on the size cook for up to 15 minutes my advice is check every 5 minutes to see how there doing. I cooked mine for 10 minute and they could have done with less time.
Let them cool down and then go crazy!! 

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