Saturday, 27 July 2013

Boys bedroom decoration ideas.

Dylan and Ollie's new room.
I have redecorated the walls and redone a mural on their wall using tester pots of lovely bright colours.  

A tin of blackboard paint I had left over from another project was ideal for the road.

The vehicles were from a piece of wall paper that I got for free from a hardware store, You can do it if know the rest!

I injected a bit of colour in to a set of old ikea draws by paint the fronts with the tester pots I used on the mural, pretty effective even if I do say so myself. The shelves are also a ikea special that we already had in the room.

The carpet is one of my favourite things in the room, fabulous colours.

These round shelves were a great find by my husband from work.
They were inners left over from some cable I think. I painted them with poster paint for Dylan's nursery. That was 4 years ago and they are still going strong.

Beautiful wooden toys in fabulous bright colours, so pleasing to the eye.


I have wanted to make a rainbow rain cloud ever since seeing them. I love the rainbow rain drops!

The recycled ikea curtain that I dyed with a left over pack I had again from another project.
The patches are something I bought from eBay a while ago, I was waiting for a good craft project to use them on. I think this was it. 


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