Saturday, 15 December 2012

3D Christmas Noel

Lovely 3D Noel lettering
OK this is not a quick craft but well worth the effort and once you have mastered the craft knife you can try this with all sorts of words not just Christmas words.
OK you will need Printed lettering of your choice I used Noel
A sharp craft knife
Foam packing in sheets about an inch thick, this is so the letters will stand up
some coloured or patterned paper

Stick the lettering on to the foam
when dry cut out each letter carefully!! Lets make sure we keep our fingers please. The craft knife needs to be really sharp so that you cut through the letters and not have to saw through them.
This is the sort of thing that you will have after the letters have been cut out.
Now draw around the letter on the backside of the paper you want to cover the letters, remember to put the letters face down on the paper and then draw around them, not like i did and wasted half my patterned paper!!!

There you have it have a go you'll be glad you did!


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